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Small business branding and web design ​that sets you apart

We specialize in providing graphic design ​services and website building for small ​businesses.

At One Digital Solutions LLC, we understand the importance of a strong brand ​identity for small businesses. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to ​revitalize your existing brand, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

From crafting memorable logos to developing captivating websites, we offer a ​comprehensive suite of graphic design and website building services. Our goal ​is to help you establish a distinct and memorable brand presence that resonates ​with your target audience.

Don't settle for generic or forgettable branding. Invest in a tailored branding ​strategy that sets you apart from the competition and drives growth for your ​business. Reach out to us today to discover more about our services and how we ​can collaborate to create a truly unique online presence that leaves a lasting ​impression..

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We'll help put your company on the ​digital map, through websites, social ​platforms, and comprehensive branding ​strategies.

What We Offer

Website building

Logo creation

Graphic Design

Our Se​rvices

Choose from our affordable and ​customizable digital marketing opt​ions.

Website ​Building

Need a website but short ​on time or expertise? Our ​expert team can create a ​custom site for your ​business, beautifully ​showcasing what you offer. ​Our services are affordable ​and reliable, ensuring you ​get the best value.

Logo creation

Seeking a logo that truly ​reflects your business?

Let us craft one that tells ​your brand's story loud ​and clear.

Our logo design services ​are easy on the wallet and ​fully customizable to fit ​your budget and ​requirements.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design ​services ensure your visual ​presence stands out, ​covering everything from ​business cards to vibrant ​party invitations and ​banners. We create eye-​catching designs tailored ​to reflect your unique ​style and message.

Our Portfolio

About Me

Introducing Wendy Gay, the dynamic designer behind our ​brand.

Originating from Peru, Wendy embarked on a journey to the United States enriched ​with diverse experiences. Armed with a degree in Communication Science and Public ​Relations, Wendy's professional path took an exciting turn when she discovered her ​true passion for graphic design. After honing her skills at a local Peruvian agency, ​Wendy set sail for America in 2004. Since then, she has played an integral role in ​shaping Connecticut's educational landscape, leaving a lasting impact on the ​Stratford and Cheshire public school systems.

In 2009, Wendy's entrepreneurial spirit flourished with the establishment of Places for ​Kids CT, an online hub catering to parents seeking local events and child-friendly ​activities. A testament to her versatility, Wendy and her husband Brad unveiled Party ​Pals CT in 2022, a cherished entertainment company offering beloved costumed ​character experiences across Connecticut.

In 2023, Wendy realized her long-held dream with the launch of One Digital Solutions, ​her very own graphic design venture. Here, she pours her unwavering passion into ​creating captivating visuals that resonate with clients near and far.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Wendy cherishes her roles as a devoted wife and ​mother to two teenagers. In moments of leisure, she delights in morning walks, ​accompanied by the soothing melodies of audiobooks. Wendy's insatiable curiosity ​extends to the realms of psychology and neuroscience, reflecting her profound ​interest in unraveling the complexities of the human mind and body.

Prepare to be inspired by Wendy's unique fusion of creativity, ​entrepreneurship, and steadfast dedication to her craft.



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